Orbital Welding Services

Orbital Welding Services

Orbital welders are specialist welding equipment often used in cylindrical pipe and tube welding. The arc is rotated mechanically through 360° around the pipe or tube. This machinery is often used by pharmaceutical companies, as well as the food, dairy and beverage processing and packaging industries. Orbital welding is also useful in the environmental and water treatment sector.

You will often find this type of machinery used in the following applications:

Fabricae Stainless Orbital Welders 

Fabricae Stainless use orbital welders that can weld from 9mm to 170mm. Our skilled operators oversee the use of our orbital welders ensuring precision and accuracy.

Docmentation and Traceability 

Fabricae Stainless provides documentation and welding certificates for all orbital welds conducted. This ensures that every weld is traced, certified and verifiable.

Why Choose Fabricae Stainless?

There are many good reasons why organisations entrust their stainless steel orbital welding requirements to Fabricae Stainless:


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