Work, Health & Safety


Work, Health & Safety

Fabricae Stainless understands that Work, Health and Safety is an integral part of any successful and safety-focused organisation. We work alongside residential clients, project engineers, maintenance personnel and work, health and safety teams and committees to eliminate hazards and injuries to employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors to workplaces, public spaces and homes. Fabricae Stainless has a strong culture of safety and a thorough understanding of Work, Health and Safety laws in the manufacturing space and can assist clients in the implementation of Work, Health and Safety legislation and industry standards.

Documentation and Traceability

Certified surface finishes, material certificates, weld maps and other data are documented if applicable, ensuring relevant organisational, industry, national and international standards are met.

Carbon-free and Contamination Prevention

All projects are completed in our dedicated stainless steel premises. We have separate premises for carbon steel projects.

Quality Assurance and Standards

Fabricae Stainless only engages in design projects that adhere to relevant industry and national standards. Our clients’ reputation and the safety of consumers is vital to us, so we work alongside the designer or engineer to ensure that our role meets all quality and industry standards where applicable.

Work, Health and Safety Products and Services


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