Pharmaceutical and Healthcare


Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Fabricae’s expertise in sanitary steel manufacturing is invaluable to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. Medical grade stainless steel has to be as corrosion-resistant as possible, to ensure the purity of the drugs that come into contact with it. Chromium, manganese, nickel and silicon are worked into the metal for a durable alloy that will stand strong against temperature, acids, moisture and other environmental conditions.

We serve both domestic and international clients, including animal and human pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations, doctors, vets, dentists, other health professionals as well as surgical, dental and hospital equipment.

Documentation and Traceability

All certified surface finishes, material certificates, weld maps and other data are documented to ensure that we meet relevant organisational, industry, national and international standards.

Carbon-free and Contamination Prevention

All of our sanitary steel projects are completed in our dedicated stainless steel premises. This ensures our hospital grade stainless steel is free of any potential contaminants that could dilute its effectiveness. For this reason, we conduct all our carbon steel projects on separate premises.

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