Food and Dairy Processing & Packaging


Food and Dairy Processing & Packaging

Stainless Steel Food and Dairy Processing Equipment

Stainless steel is the ideal material for dairy and food processing equipment. The alloy is designed to overcome many types of corrosion, which is vital in an industry primarily concerned with product purity and equipment reliability and longevity.

Importantly, the grade of stainless steel must be carefully selected and fabricated for the specific application, to ensure optimal performance. A sound understanding of fabrication methods and metallurgy are essential to the effective production of stainless steel.

Fabricae’s peerless expertise with stainless steel make us the perfect partner to service the Food & Dairy Process & Packaging industry. We fabricate clients’ engineered specifications both nationally and overseas. Our custom food processing equipment maximises the safety, efficiency and profitability of our clients’ plant operations.

Carbon-free and Contamination Prevention

All stainless steel projects, including those for industrial food machinery, are completed entirely in our dedicated steel premises, to prevent any chance of contamination. We conduct our carbon steel projects on separate premises.

Documentation and Traceability

All material certificates, certified surface finishes, weld maps and tables are documented. This ensures that all relevant organisational, industry, national and international standards are met


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