Architecture and Design


Architecture and Design

Architectural Stainless Steel Products

Fabricae Stainless custom manufactures design and architectural stainless steel products. Working in both the residential and commercial spaces our clientele include architects, engineers, builders, artists, sculptors, interior designers, industrial designers, furniture designers, landscapers, local councils and government. Our unique custom products and creations are all manufactured from quality materials, by highly skilled tradespeople using the most advanced and successful fabrication techniques.

Metal Work and Finishes

Whether for large projects such as steel sculpture fabrication, or smaller ones such as signage and lighting, Fabricae Stainless offers the absolute finest in metalworking. We work with stainless steel, cor-ten, copper, zinc, aluminium, mild steel, brass and other metals.

For finishes, products can be powder-coated, blasted, chromed or etched, offering many metal finishes and fabrication techniques. We combine metal with other mediums such as wood, stone, glass, laminate and marble to fabricate your requirements. Fabricae Stainless can design and create your brief personally.

Quality Assurance and Standards

Fabricae Stainless only engages in design projects that adhere to relevant industry and national standards. Our clients’ reputation and the safety of consumers is vital to us, so we work alongside the designer, architect or engineer to ensure that our role meets all quality and industry standards where applicable.

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